Fall Lawn Care Is Critical to Grass Health

Fall Lawn Care Is Critical to Grass HealthSeptember is an important month for lawn care. If you watered diligently through the hot, dry summer, lawn care for fall will be easier. The average temperature in Utah falls more than 10 deg

Landscaping: It Does a Body Good

Landscaping It Does a Body GoodDoes landscaping matter? It does, and more than you might think. What do we even mean when we say “landscaping”? It means a lot of different things to different people. If you build a new ho

Outdoor Lighting Helps Squeeze More Enjoyment Out of Your Property

Outdoor LightingSoon the days will get shorter, and installing outdoor lighting can help you make your backyard fun last longer. When you go to the trouble of building a patio, deck, pergola, gazebo or other out

Keep Plants Hydrated during Dog Days of Summer

Keep Plants HydratedIt can be hard to keep plants hydrated in Utah, but the hottest month — July — is behind us. Although August is not as hot as July, the difference is only a degree or two. Slightly more rain fall

Can You Build Your Own Backyard Terrace?

Your Own Backyard TerraceHow is your backyard terrace looking? Like it’s going to fall on you any day? We can help. A lot of homeowners think building a backyard terrace is a fun weekend project. In fact, not only is it

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