Snow Removal

If you live in northern Utah, snow removal is a fact of life. Although our summers are long, hot and dry, our winters are cold and snowy.

You may need snow removal whether you have a long, winding driveway or just a short walkway. It all depends on what you may be able — or willing — to take on after a snowstorm.

Earthworks Landscaping of Syracuse, Utah, offers snow removal on either a contract or a one-time basis. So you can commit to a season of never lifting a shovel, or you can call us to rescue you from just one particularly bad storm.

snow removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Our commercial clients make up the base of our contract business, because when your income depends on your customers’ ability to get through your front door, your parking lot and walks have to be clear. And it has to be done before you open in the morning. Many of our plow operators and snow-removal employees work through the night, so that our clients arrive at work to a clean, clear parking lot and entrance.

Residential Snow Removal

Residential clients with long driveways or walkways also often prefer contract service, because they have neither the time nor the inclination to haul out the snowblower and repeatedly clear their pathways all winter long.

However, sometimes residents of the Syracuse, Utah, area plan to do their own snow removal, then find they can’t. Some reasons include:

  • Temporary illness or injury
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Unexpected time crunch
  • Business travel coinciding with storm
  • Winter weather fatigue

If a homeowner comes down with the flu or falls and twists an ankle, they may not be able to shovel when the next snowstorm hits. Or what if you have a couple thousand square feet to clear and your snowblower won’t start? If a big project at work comes up at the same time a storm hits, you may not have time to devote to snow removal. If you usually clear the snow for your family but you’re out of town, who will do it?

All these are reasons to call Earthworks Landscaping for one-time snow removal. Even people who don’t mind clearing away snow can get tired of it toward the end of a snowy winter. Sometimes you just hate to see another snowflake fall. So even if your equipment works and you’re in good health, give yourself a break and give us a call. We provide fast, reliable service throughout the Syracuse, Utah, area. We also provide de-icing services and we staff a 24-hour emergency service line, so you’ll never be trapped in your home or business.

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