Professional commercial landscaping makes your business more attractive to customers, and that means you make more money.

Sure, it’s important that your company’s façade look neat and tidy, but there’s more to commercial landscaping than cutting the grass and planting petunias in big pots.


Make the Most of a Little

Businesses generally don’t have wide expanses of lawn — after all, space is at a premium in business districts. For that reason, if you only have a small lawn, you have no excuse for not making it beautiful. Get sod put down, water it every day and poof! Instant perfect lawn.

Flowers, bushes and shrubs also add substantially to a commercial landscape. Landscape design includes incorporating plants of varying sizes, shapes and heights to make a visually interesting presentation. Factor in some different colors as well, and people may visit your business just to take in the views!

Unite for Your Cause

If you’re a tenant in an office building with ho-hum commercial landscaping, talk to the other tenants and see if you can get the management company to spiff up your space a little bit with some life and color.

Your building may house mainly doctors, dentists and others in professional service, and you want to make a good impression. If your business is located in a building that keeps its space out front clean, that’s great, but it’s not enough. A thick, fragrant layer of mulch and some day lilies in full bloom make patients happy to arrive for appointments!

If you’re in a strip mall and you operate a retail outlet or restaurant, you likely have tons of foot traffic.

According to U.S. News & World Report, May is the best month to shop for lawn and garden products, camping gear and mattresses. And it’s always the right season to buy new clothes! If you sell any of these items, you can expect a spike in shoppers this month, so you want your storefront to look inviting and impressive.

Choose Carefully with Commercial Landscaping

It can be challenging to keep commercial landscaping properly hydrated in urban areas where trees might be few and far between. Consider using landscaping rocks or pebbles in these areas. Dot them with small oases of green plants, and you’ll have better success keeping your greenery from getting too thirsty.

It’s not easy to decide what will work best for your commercial landscape. Even if you just do what everyone else is doing, if your land’s sun exposure or the quality and type of your soil is different, you will get a different result.

For help planning and designing a beautiful, thriving commercial landscape, call Earthworks Landscaping today.