You may not be familiar with hydroseeding, but it’s a great way to get a beautiful lawn quickly.

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Hydroseeding is a method of sowing grass by spraying on a special seed mixture. Grass seed and water is combined into a slurry with lime, fertilizer, paper fibers, green dye and sometimes other ingredients. Technicians then spray this mixture onto a hillside or flat surface.

The effect is immediate. Your once-drab plot turns green as soon as the spray hits it. (What shade of green depends on the dye.) When it’s first applied, hydroseed looks like a thin, bluish-green carpet not unlike Astroturf.

So how does it differ from, say, spray-painting, you ask?

Conjuring, and Know-how

OK, it’s dyed green, but it’s a mixture of chemicals and natural ingredients that will prompt the grass seed to germinate much more quickly than if you’d simply spread it over soil. And soon, you get a lush, green lawn.

It sounds like magic, and in a way, it is, because the success of the lawn is dependent upon the wizard who mixed the ingredients. Many companies tweak their mixtures for years in an effort to get just the right proportions to make a beautiful lawn quickly.

Hydroseeding vs. Sod

Homeowners who want a nice lawn ASAP often choose sod, but it’s more expensive. Hydroseeding is cheaper, but you must factor in the cost of water too, as the grass can require months of thorough watering to become properly established. If you have a large area and no irrigation system, the watering chore can become unmanageable.

Hydroseeding usually produces a few weeds as well, where sod is often purer. But that purity is a drawback if disease should strike, because it could wipe out your whole sod lawn, whereas with hydroseeding, you have a wider variety of seed types.

And some homeowners prefer the homogenous look of sod, but those who prefer a more natural-looking lawn often go with hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding for Business

Hydroseeding is also often used to control erosion in construction areas, or improve their appearance. If you’re a contractor who’s just finished building a house that you want to sell quickly, a nice, green lawn will help.

Hydroseeding might also be used on steep embankments next to highways, surrounding municipal fields or at private excavation sites to keep the piles of dirt from blowing or getting washed away.

Whether you want green grass on your front lawn, at your business or for your construction site, hydroseeding can help. Call Earthworks Landscaping today — find out more about hydroseeding and get the beautiful lawn landscaped the way you’ve always wanted.