Spring is coming! Time to start thinking about landscaping.

spring landscaping Utah

The days are getting longer, and that means you have more time to get out into your yard and clean up any untidiness the winter has left behind. Even though you may have raked or mulched your leaves last fall, chances are a few more fell, or blew from other yards into yours.

Lawn, Trees and Bushes

Rake these up, and get the leaves out from under bushes and along the sides of buildings. And go ahead and uncover your tulips and daffodils — they’re hardy enough to make it through if we get another cold night.

Once your lawn is uncovered, you can see if any spots need filling in. Also take this opportunity to spread a pre-emergent herbicide. This is the best way to combat weeds — before they take hold and mar your beautiful landscaping.

Be careful what you prune in March — don’t cut anything that flowers in the spring. These buds are already formed, and you won’t get new ones this year if you cut them off. Wait until after your bushes and trees flower to prune them.

Seed Starting

Now’s the time to start seeds indoors if you want a vegetable garden to be part of your landscaping. Buy special seed-starting mix; don’t use potting soil. If you do, some of your seeds might grow, but it’s like giving pizza to a baby — it might work, but it’s not good for them.

Store-bought seed-starting kits come with a plastic cover, but if you don’t have one, you can use plastic wrap. Once the seeds sprout, you can uncover them. Make sure you mark each container, so when you look at your bright, healthy, green plants, you know what they are. (Hm. Are these cucumbers? Watermelons? Zucchini? Don’t let it be you.)

It’s not impossible to grow seeds by placing your container in a sunny window, but it’s pretty hard. A grow light works much better. You can make your own, if you’re handy and aren’t afraid to tinker with electricity.

Clean Gutters

You might not think your roof or your gutters have anything to do with your landscaping, but they do. Gutters can become clogged with leaves, pine needles or other debris over the winter months, or the downspouts or extensions can separate. The result can be water pooling in the wrong places, threatening your landscaping and the integrity of your basement.

If your yard looks ugly when you wake it up from its winter nap, call Earthworks Landscaping. We’re northern Utah’s experts in weeding, feeding and seeding. We’re also the masters of hardscapes, water features and outdoor lighting.

Whatever your landscaping needs, Earthworks can help. Call us today.