Snow plowing is a big business in Utah, but what about de-icing?

de-icing utah

Most people airplanes when they think of de-icing. Many have watched de-icing technicians from their window seats on a plane.

When a plane sits on the tarmac waiting for passengers to get off and get on crash of the Air Florida Boeing into the Potomac River in 1982, which killed 78 people. The pilots didn’t want to further delay the flight by having the wings de-iced.

Your business is likely already on the ground, so the hazards aren’t as great, but there are still hazards, and these come mostly in the form of people slipping, falling and getting hurt, or cars crashing into each other.

Snow Plowing and De-Icing Techniques

Although airports use a de-icing solution that they spray on the planes, on land, we mostly use de-icing crystals. If you are ever following a plow on a main road or highway, you may see a mechanism at the back of the truck that sprays these crystals onto the roads to help melt snow and ice quickly. This type of de-icing can be done simultaneously with snow plowing.

The dangerous (and confusing) part of de-icing is how many different types of crystals are available. All will melt ice, but many will do more than that, especially if you apply them to the wrong surface.

Certain types of crystals will hasten the breakdown of concrete, while others are not as good for asphalt. All are harmful to vegetation, and should be kept away from grass and plants as much as possible, even when they’re in their dormant stages. In the same way you can’t water your plants with salt water, you can’t allow de-icer runoff into your landscaping.

The Right Tool for the Job

The method of de-icing varies not only according to the surface being de-iced, but the size as well. For the largest areas, a truck is used, and for the smallest, a gloved hand. But there are lots of sizes in between, and that’s why we keep a large number of spreaders on hand to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Earthworks Landscaping, we provide a variety of snow-removal services, including de-icing, snow plowing, shoveling and snow removal. If you don’t have the time or aren’t physically able to do your own snow plowing or clearing, hiring a snow-removal service is the best option.

For the best in snow plowing and other snow-removal services, call Earthworks Landscaping.