It’s not too late to install stone pavers!

Stone Pavers Utah

People think of outdoor jobs as suitable for spring and summer, but that’s only because once the weather warms up, everyone wants to go outside. But there’s no reason these jobs can’t be done in the fall. In fact, you will likely have an easier time finding a contractor available this time of year, and you might even save money, since they’re not usually too backed up in the fall.

Stone Pavers Make Maintenance Easier

Another great reason to install a stone paver sidewalk, walkway or path now is that it will be so much easier to shovel once the snow starts to fly!

Presumably, if you are looking to install stone pavers, you either have a damaged surface or no walkway at all, both of which can be hard to shovel. Broken concrete or uneven pavers can be a nightmare to shovel, plus they pose a tripping hazard to anyone who walks on them. Replacing these damaged walkways now will give you a nice, smooth, even surface going forward.

Weather Important when Laying Stone Pavers

It’s true that if the ground is wet, muddy or frozen that these are no conditions under which to install stone pavers. The most important part of laying a stone or cement structure is proper soil preparation and impaction. If the soil is wet or muddy, this will make the job difficult, and if it’s frozen, it will be impossible. Once it thaws out in the spring and the earth settles, the pavers will become uneven.

In fact, if rain is in the forecast during installation, care should be taken to keep the work area covered and dry so that it remains stable for the duration of the project. Installing stone pavers in the off-season is a specialized skill that should not be attempted by novices.

Stone Pavers Increase Property Values

And stone pavers don’t only make your property more attractive to you, they make it more attractive to others, thereby raising your home’s value. When incorporating stone pavers into your landscape, the largest return on investment comes from patio installations.

According to an American Institute of Architects report for the first quarter of this year, improvements and additions to outdoor living spaces remains the most popular exterior renovation project. Among the additions most in demand are patios, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.

Stone Pavers Are Low Cost

And it’s not just because people love the outdoors and cooking more than ever. It’s because when it comes time to invest in upgrades for your home, a stone paver patio runs only about a quarter of the cost per square foot of an interior improvement like a kitchen or bath upgrade. It’s one of the most affordable projects homeowners can undertake.

If you want to get your stone paver patio, sidewalk, walkway or path laid before winter, now’s the time to call Earthworks Landscaping. We’re the local experts in hardscape installations of all kinds, and we’ll work with you to plan and execute the stone paver project you’ve always wanted to complete your upscale exterior look.