Fire Pit

Soon the nights will be cool, and you’ll wish you had a fire pit.

Fire pit season is long — these entertaining features are ultra-cozy all the way from early fall into late spring. Fire pits are way cheaper than pools, and you can use them at least three times as long. And no one ever accidentally drowns in a fire pit.

What’s so much fun about a fire pit?

You Can Roast Marshmallows

Kids love roasting marshmallows, and if you have kids or grandkids, you’ll want to keep some nice marshmallow-roasting sticks on hand at all times. Even teenagers aren’t too cool to roast marshmallows (usually).

The nicely toasted brown outside and the warm, gooey inside make these treats irresistible. Try the giant size for a fun variation.

Also keep some graham crackers and chocolate bars on hand for s’mores. Try variety here too with cinnamon or honey grahams and dark or milk chocolate — mix and match!

You Can Host Parties

You like having people over, but you hate to have to clean the house for company. If you have a fire pit, everyone can stay out back and they won’t notice the dust on your furniture or the mail you’ve let stack up on the counters. (They will notice the bathroom though, because they will come in to use it, so wipe that down.)

Make your party simple with hors d’oeuvres and a cooler full of drinks, or even simpler, just a cooler full of drinks! Add some music and you’ve got a perfect fall party.

If you have teenagers, they can host their own parties. A little music, a little fire and some imagined privacy (keep watching them through a dark upstairs window) and it will be a night to remember. October is especially good for this type of party, as it can be Halloween-themed.

You Can Enjoy Nature

You love being outside — heck, you were out in your lounge chair all summer. But now it’s too cold, and you have to stay inside in the recliner. Not if you have a fire pit!

You can fire up the fire pit every night if you want to. Sit or lie out back and stargaze, have a glass of wine, get some fresh air or get a break from the kids (or the adults, depending on who’s needier).

We don’t have enough room to list all the reasons getting a fire pit is a great idea, but we’re sure you have a few of your own anyway. If you want to extend your outdoor fun time all winter long, call Earthworks Landscaping and get started on planning your fire pit today.