Fire Pit

How can your yard bring you more joy? Two words: fire pit.

Utah winters are long. You end up spending all your days inside, using your laptop to keep warm. When spring finally comes, you’re itching to be outside, but once the sun sets, it gets chilly! And dark!

Just think — if you had a fire pit, you could stay outside longer!

A fire pit is great to sit around with family members, friends or neighbors. Once people see that warm light glowing in your back yard, they’ll throw on a scarf and head over. People walking their dogs will stop and chat. Fire pits are great for company and conversation.

Everyone Loves a Fire Pit

If you’re throwing a party, make your fire pit the location for after-dinner drinks. Everyone loves to cozy up to a roaring fire after a great meal.

If you’ve got kids, a fire pit is a great place to make s’mores. Keep a bag of marshmallows, a chocolate bar and a box of graham crackers on hand at all times. You can read a book to them as they toast their marshmallows, or take turns telling stories. It’s like you can go camping any time you want!

A fire pit is great when you’re alone too. It’s incredibly Zen to sit and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the dancing flames. It’s a great way to steal moment to yourself for a little peace and quiet.

How Do You Want Your Fire Pit to Look?

Design options for fire pits are practically endless. Of course most of them are round, but they don’t have to be. You can choose stonework, bricks or concrete. Colors are all natural, but you can go with red, gray, white or a shade of taupe.

Many homeowners who decide to have a fire pit installed choose to build a patio along with it. Some already have a patio, and others just want a fire pit on the lawn — it’s entirely up to you.

When you decide to go with a patio as well, you can transform your yard into a truly beautiful gathering place.

Professionally Crafted Fire Pit

If you know you want a fire pit but you’re not sure what type of design you want or how or if a patio will figure in, give us a call at Earthworks Landscaping. We’ve built hundreds of hardscapes, from sidewalks to retaining walls to patios to fire pits. Plus, we build fountains and water features as well.

Our stone masons are experts at their craft, and if you can imagine it, we can build it. Call and make an appointment today to talk to us about building your new fire pit.