Lawn Care Woes

Are you frustrated with your lawn?

Lawn care isn’t easy, despite what some people might think. We all wish our lawns looked like the green at Pebble Beach, but sometimes they look more like the playground at your local elementary school.

Mown Down

Grass can suffer a lot of indignities, and one of them is improper mowing. Did you know that you should only cut off the top third of the grass? It’s tempting to cut off the top two-thirds so you don’t have to mow it again for a couple of weeks, but if you keep that up, you may not have to mow it at all, because it will all die.

Disease Management

Leaving two-thirds of the grass blade means your lawn stays stronger and more resistant to disease. A number of diseases can strike your lawn, making it look brown and mangy. Wilt, rot, mildew, blight — your local cooperative extension can identify dozens of diseases that prey on lawns.

Treatment for lawn diseases can be complex. You can find a lot of products on the market that claim to cure lawn problems, but some don’t always work even if you follow the instructions to the letter.

Resist Drought

Your lawn needs water, just like you do, and if the clouds don’t provide it, it’s up to you to make sure it has enough of the life-giving elixir. But you have to water your lawn correctly.

Too late in the day, and you risk exposing your lawn to a fungus by leaving it wet overnight. The afternoon’s no good either, because the hot sun drinks up a lot of the water before it reaches your grass’s roots. The morning is best — some say between 4 and 10 a.m. is ideal.

And make sure you don’t water too long. Or too short. Or with the wrong type of sprinkler. In the wrong location.

You might wonder at this point how anyone gets grass to grow!

Ancient Western Secret

At Earthworks Landscaping, we have a secret: Sod. Sod is grown under controlled conditions so that each roll is just perfect. It’s true you can buy your own sod, but you can’t just roll it out like a red carpet. Your old sod needs to be broken up and removed — a job that’s hard even with heavy equipment. Sodbusting isn’t easy.

If your grass is brown, scraggly and full of bare patches despite your best efforts, call the experts at Earthworks Landscaping. We can come and get rid of your old, ugly grass and install brand-new sod so you once again have a beautiful lawn. We’ll even stop by and take care of it until it takes root, assuring you of success.

The people who care for the lawns at professional baseball stadiums and golf courses have masters’ degrees in turf management, so don’t feel bad about needing a professional. Call Earthworks Landscaping when you need help with lawn care.