Backyard Pergola

Make this the year you get the pergola you’ve always wanted.

These expertly crafted natural wood structures can bring both beauty and value to your yard. Drape your new hideaway with sheer curtains, add some twinkling lights and you’ve got your own little paradise just steps from your back door.

Pergolas are great additions to any yard for several reasons.

They Provide Needed Shade

Salt Lake City has, on average, 222 sunny days a year. You need some refuge, but you don’t want to sit in the house all the time. A pergola is the perfect solution. You can be outside and cool at the same time.

And once you get some vines growing over it — morning glories, wisteria, bougainvillea — then you’ll have some really dense shade. In the meantime, if you want more shade, you can install a screen made of bamboo, canvass or another material. You can also use this screening to shade one or more sides of your pergola, or install drapes that you can tie back once the sun is past.

They Look Beautiful

A pergola gives you another space to decorate. You can shop for outdoor furniture, cushions, tablecloths, dishes and glasses, a grill, potted plants — the ideas are endless.

The beauty a pergola brings to your landscape increases its value as well. Buyers almost always comment on how adorable a pergola is, even if they never end up using it. So if you want a pergola but you’re thinking of moving one day, it’s the perfect investment.

They’re Great for Entertaining

Sure, plenty of people have screened porches or sunrooms, but these can’t compare to a pergola, because a pergola is actually outside. If mosquitos are a concern, install netting, or even better, get some tiki torches.

You can host dinners for as many people as you can seat comfortably in your pergola. And with the grill right there, you don’t have to keep running back and forth to the house. Set up everything ahead of time, put out an ice bucket for beverages and you’re good to go.

A pergola is great for evening cocktails as well, or a bottle of wine or even a selection of craft beers. It’s beautiful, sophisticated and relaxing.

To find out even more exciting uses for a pergola, consult the experts at Earthworks Landscaping. We’ve built hundreds of pagodas in and around the Layton area. We can even plant the vines you want to cover your pagoda and train them to grow up the sides to the roof.

Call Earthworks Landscaping today to start planning your backyard pergola.