Gardening Shed

Your gardening shed is the source of all life in your yard — the primordial ooze that brings forth the beauty of spring. Don’t let it get messy.

Keeping your garden shed clean is not only next to godliness, it’s critical in keeping diseases and pests at bay. Wash and dry any containers you have used this past year to start seeds or hold plants. Never keep seeds or bulbs in a shed that isn’t rodent- or insect proof — and what shed is? Seeds and bulbs should be stored in a cool, dark place — that’s why many people choose the freezer. It’s not necessary to keep seeds in the freezer, but only you know if your basement or garage is critter-proof.

Dry and Store

Take in your tomato cages and other stakes and plant supports. If any of them are wood, make sure they’re good and dry before you store them so they don’t mildew. Clean and store your water barrels upside down, lest they fill up again, freeze and potentially crack.

This is a good time of year to clean and sharpen your tools, as well. Gather all hoes, shovels, iron rakes, trowels, cultivators and other tools and clean the mud off. If you see any rust, remove it with some steel wool and coat your tools with a silicone spray to keep them rust-free over the winter.

Stay Sharp

Some gardeners sharpen their own pruners and shears, but if you don’t have the right equipment, bring them to a local sharpener. If you contract with a lawnmower maintenance company, they may be able to sharpen your tools along with your mower blade.

Thieves may not be after your terra cotta pots, but your leaf blower and chainsaw may not be so lucky. Invest in a heavy-duty lock for your garden shed so your expensive tools stay safe.

What Would Martha Do?

For lots of fun ideas for organizing your gardening shed, check out Martha Stewart’s site, where you can find a video on how to make a pegboard organizer and how to create more storage by making cabinets out of crates.

Even the most impassioned gardener needs a little help from time to time. If any of your gardening chores become overwhelming, call us here at Earthworks Landscaping. We have years of experience in building landscapes, stone walls and features, lighting installations and more. If the job of taking care of your property gets too big for what you keep in the garden shed, the experts at Earthworks are standing by.