Landscaping Chores

Landscaping chores aren’t over in November — at least they aren’t in northern Utah. The climate here is such that the growing season extends fully into October for many plants. Some will last into November and perhaps beyond, but now is the time to get your plants, trees and shrubs ready for winter. You never know when that first snow will hit!


Mulching is an important part of protecting your plants not just in the spring, but all year long. Sure, mulch smells nice and looks good around your trees and plants, but it also does an important service, protecting them and keeping in moisture.

Make sure your delicate trees and bushes have several inches of mulch at their base going into the winter season to protect them against the cold.

If you have a mulching function on your lawnmower, you can save money by mulching fallen leaves you would otherwise just have to dispose of anyway. Save this type of mulch for your lawn or your flower beds, though — putting it at the base of trees or shrubs can attract insects, which can bring disease with them.

Rose bushes should be mounded with dirt, then, after the first frost, covered again with mulch, hay or another protective material. Roses may seem delicate, but with the proper care, they can thrive for many years.

Average Temperatures

Exactly where your home is located in the Salt Lake City area can make a big difference in how you care for your plants. The varying elevations in the area make for a range in the plant hardiness zone, so check yours out on this handy map to make sure you’re getting your fall landscaping chores done on schedule. A final watering and fertilizing for the season are important too, but they must be done at the right time.

Although you’ll likely see a few temperate days in November, the nights are definitely cold, and you should bring your more delicate plants, including houseplants, inside, if you haven’t already.

Remember as well to plant any bulbs you want to get in before the ground freezes.


Take a look and see if your trees have any dead branches that need pruning. Don’t wait — it can be hard to tell the dead ones from the live ones after all the leaves have fallen off. Depending on the location of your tree, a dead branch can be a real danger. Besides falling on someone and causing injury, a dead branch could damage your roof, your car or other possessions, or land on a wire, causing a power outage.

If you need help with any of these tasks, call the experts at Earthworks Landscaping. We have the experience and the know-how to get all of your plants ready for winter. Once your November landscaping chores are out of the way, you can concentrate on getting ready for the holidays!