You want an irrigation and fertilization system, but it breaks your heart to think of digging up all your precious grass to install it.


That’s why autumn is the perfect time — your grass is in its twilight time anyway, so you won’t be sacrificing anything by digging it up.

DIY Is not for Everyone

Many people attempt to install their irrigation systems themselves, which is a good idea if you are really strong and have a lot of time on your hands. Consider this comment on a This Old House tutorial on installing your own sprinkler system: “It was a pretty big job … All told it took five weekends.” This reader also talks about renting trenching tools and plumbing the valves. If you don’t know what those are, you may want to leave the job to a professional.

Will it Work for You?

It’s important to make sure before you begin that you have enough water pressure to support a sprinkler system. If you have municipal water, you’re probably OK, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Also, in some areas, permits may be required for big jobs, so look at that as well.

The Right Tools for the Job

Depending on how much sun or shade your lawn gets, different areas will likely need different amounts of water. These needs can be addressed by system design, hose placement and sprinkler size. Professionals use heavy equipment to dig the trenches — it’s like the difference between using a sprayer versus a paintbrush on walls, or a snowblower versus a shovel in your driveway. They make quick work of an otherwise backbreaking job.

Specialized Functions

Gardeners with fancy flowers often opt to install drip-irrigation hosing in and around their beds to keep their plants lush and healthy. A broad spectrum of different types of flowers and flowering shrubs can demand a complex watering schedule that would challenge the most experienced gardener, so a professionally installed system can help keep a garden of this type healthy. It’s also a godsend when you’re away on vacation, since not just any friendly neighbor is able to care for such a specialized garden.

Don’t Forget Fertilization

Once you’ve made the decision to have a sprinkler system installed, you might as well take advantage of it and use it for fertilizing as well. Lawn and garden centers everywhere sell bib-and-drip systems that you can buy and attach to your sprinkler system, making quick work of fertilizing your lawn and flower beds. Like the fluoride added to drinking water, this option allows quick and easy dissemination of essential nutrients to your plants.

If you want to save yourself five weekends and a sore back, call Earthworks Landscaping to install your sprinkler system. They can design the simplest system to the most complex to suit your needs. Call Earthworks today to get started planning your irrigation fertilization system.