Stone can bring beauty to almost any environment. Pavers, in particular, are a way to add direction and introduce boundaries to your landscape. Expanses of green grass are nice on a golf course, and gardens laden with flowers are beautiful, but you need a way to navigate them. Stone pavers are your answer.

One of the best advantages to using stone is its ability to offer a wide selection of styles and colors while still giving a natural, organic appearance when installed. Stone and brick can come in shades of white, black, red, gray, brown and many more. Cost and availability depend upon whether you choose a type of stone that’s plentiful or rare, and whether it can be obtained locally. Transporting a heavy material like stone costs more than a transporting a lighter material, such as lumber.

Shapes and Sizes

Bricks, of course, get their shape from the molds used to fashion and fire them. Stones may be used in their whole, natural state for building walls, but many of today’s uses rely on the stones being cut into narrow or thin slabs. The thicker ones can be used to build an outdoor fireplace or water feature, while the thinner ones are used for paths, patios, sidewalks and pool decks. Bricks or tiles used for flooring or paths are almost always rectangle- or square-shaped, but stones are free-form. Many homeowners and business owners prefer the uniformity of pre-shaped stone, brick or concrete, and the easy way it lends itself to creating patterns, but others are attracted to the natural feel the varied shapes of stone bring. After all, you won’t find many right angles in nature.

If you are thinking of adding a stone patio to your back yard, consider extending the look and feel of this hard, sturdy material by using it to build a fireplace, brick oven or outdoor stove. Add a few concrete planters, and your theme will be established. If you have a pool, this gives you even more opportunities, as it allows you to use one type of stone for the surround, another for the border, and perhaps a third for a wall, benches or other type of seating.

Choose Your Path

Regardless of whether you go with stone, brick or concrete for your sidewalk, path or wall, that doesn’t mean it has to be all square corners and sharp edges. The shape of your structure is entirely up to you. It can be straight and narrow, slightly curved, wavy or downright convoluted. The only limits are your imagination.

Earthworks Landscaping incorporates stonework into many of their projects, from elaborate retaining walls to backyard garden paths. Depend on their experience and professionalism when you are planning to add stone pavers or another high-quality stone element in your backyard design.