Water features can turn your back yard into the relaxing oasis you have always wanted. You may take excellent care of your yard, keeping your lawn lush and weed-free, your bushes pruned and your flowers watered. It’s beautiful, but what would make it stand out from everyone else’s is a water feature.

Time was that the majority of home water features were fountains, usually a series of basins, one atop the other, descending in size, each overflowing into the next. These are attractive, but not particularly enchanting or unique. Today’s water features are of a much wider variety, giving you options you may never even know you had.

  • Ponds are popular, if you have room for them. They don’t need to be overly large, however, and in fact, smaller ponds can be easier to take care of. The area you choose will need to be excavated, then a liner must be put down to prevent the water from being reabsorbed by the earth. Most manmade ponds do best with a filtration system, especially if you are considering adding fish or plants. Stones can be placed around the perimeter and even stacked to create a waterfall, bringing a natural and relaxing feel to your yard.
  • Streams provide many of the same benefits as a pond while taking up less space. Streams can be configured to run around or in between your current landscape features, such as trees, or your driveway or home. The sound of your very own babbling brook will undoubtedly soothe you on many a summer’s evening.
  • Waterfalls can add a dramatic element to your space. Since they incorporate as much or more of their function vertically as horizontally, they can be located in tighter spaces, and for this reason are sometimes found in front yards as well. The cascading water is a draw for children, adults and even pets, drawing them in and mesmerizing them with its cool display.
  • Fountains are still popular because of their great scale. Fountains can be small enough to sit atop your desk at work, or so large they take up hundreds of square feet smack in the middle of a downtown area. They are fun and flexible, and often end up being more affordable than other options.

Earthworks Landscaping is Northern Utah’s expert in designing and installing outdoor water features for homes and businesses. If you are considering adding a water feature such as a pond, waterfall or fountain, call Earthworks today to find out more about how to bring the soothing sounds of rushing water to your back yard.