Commercial Landscaping

Well-maintained commercial landscaping lends an air of credibility to your business, giving it an image of professionalism and distinction. It’s true that it’s what’s on the inside counts, but if your customers don’t get past the outside, you’ll never get to show them what you can do.

Your entryway, your offices, your building and your entire property should reflect your values as a businessowner. Among the most important are cleanliness, competence and respectability. If the front walkway to your office building is lined with thin, browning grass and old coffee cups, it’s going to look neglected. The methods of approaching a commercial landscaping project are innumerable, but they can be narrowed down by checking off some important considerations.

Use What You’ve Got

What’s your budget? Commercial landscaping can be done on any budget. If you have no more than green grass and a row of petunias, you’ll still be ahead of the game, because your property will look nice and well cared for.

Do you currently have trees or bushes on the property? It’s true — lots of trees and bushes can get expensive. If you already have them, you’re in luck. You may not think so, because they may look like an eyesore to you, but likely all they need is a little trimming and some mulching around the trunk. It’s the same with bushes — they need regular trimming, and if they don’t get it, your property may end up looking like a rainforest sans parrots and sloths. If you don’t have any trees or bushes, investing in a couple of saplings and a few young hydrangeas or viburnums is a great start for your property. They will grow quickly and soon fill in the empty space with greenery and flowers.

Use Non-Living Elements, Too

Can you afford accessories? Depending on the type of business you have, some well-placed accessories can make all the difference. Wood and wrought-iron benches, for instance, look beautiful along a walkway or under a tree, and provide a great place for some needed respite. Small pools or fountains are enchanting, and the sound of running water is pleasing and soothing at the same time. Adding a water feature to your property can be an attractive oasis in a dry climate.

Planning Ahead

Who will do the upkeep? Even if you have a decent-sized budget for your project, if you choose to plant lots of flowers or other flora that require any type of specialized upkeep (read: anything more than watering and pruning), you will likely need a groundsman. Your groundsman doesn’t have to be full-time, however, unless your property is large — he or she could just come once a week to mow the grass and maintain the flowers and other plants.

If you want your business to look fabulous on the outside as well as the inside, call Earthworks Landscaping, a trusted, local family business providing all types of residential and commercial landscape and hardscape services and more.