It’s July, it’s hot and your lawn is brown. You need a sprinkler system. Without it, the lush, green lawn you worked so hard to grow will wither and die. You have lots of options to consider, depending on the size and location of your lawn, so be sure to factor in all the variables before making your decision.

How Much Water and When?

Experts recommend an inch of water per week to keep lawns healthy, but if you live in an arid climate or your lawn is already in bad shape, you may need more. You must also consider the type of soil you have. Loam and clay-based soils will hold onto a lot of water, but sandy soil allows it to flow in and out easily.

Most experts agree that midday is a bad time to water because so much is lost to evaporation in the heat of the sun. But evening may not be good either, as a lawn that stays wet is vulnerable to fungus. Early morning is your best bet.

DIY Hydration

Many homeowners attempt to repair damage done to their lawns by buying sprinklers. Whereas sprinklers aren’t exactly useless, it can be hard to get the results you want from them. Let’s assume you have a fairly flat square or rectangular lawn. You can see for yourself if you have trees or bushes that the part of the lawn that’s more often in shade grows better and stays greener in the hotter months. If your trees are not all located on the edges of your property, the amount of shade cast on different sections of lawn can vary widely. It would be hard for a sprinkler to disperse just the right amounts of water to each section of lawn.

If you’re not in a crowded suburb and have more than a quarter of an acre, you’re going to either need several sprinklers and hoses or you’re going to need to reposition the sprinkler in order for the water to reach all sections of your lawn. This can be:

  • Messy — Who wants hoses and sprinklers snaking all over their lawn?
  • Expensive — Many sprinklers sold in retail stores tend not to last, and if you need several, along with several hoses, it can add up.
  • Ineffective — Are you sure you’re getting even amounts of water to all parts of your lawn?
  • Time-consuming — Who has time to drag out sprinklers and hoses every day and drag them around the lawn repositioning them every half hour?

If you’re not sure what type of soil you have or how much, how often and what time of day to water your grass, you may be better off consulting an expert. The professionals at Earthworks Landscaping can set up an underground, automated sprinkler system that will deliver just the right amount of water to all parts of your lawn without you ever having to think about it again. If you are considering installing a sprinkler system, or if you undertook the project yourself and gave up after digging the third trench, call Earthworks Landscaping for expert help.