You’ve put a lot of effort into your lawn. You’ve cared for it lovingly, expecting it would return your love by growing lushly, and without weeds. But it doesn’t always work out that way, does it? The good news: It can be fixed.

History of Lawns

Lawns have been “a thing” for centuries, but lawn mowers have only been around about 200 years. Prior to this, many lawns were maintained by workers or indentured servants armed with scythes. Mowers and methods of lawn care have changed a great deal over time, but the grass itself has remained about the same. Time was you could get out your manual mower, push it over your patch of grass and be in your hammock with a cold one in time for kickoff.

With the invention of power mowers and then tractors, larger swaths of land could be taken over and claimed as front or back lawns. It wasn’t enough to just mow it anymore, you had to fertilize it, water it, aerate it and who knows what else. Your little piece of earth became a second job – and it’s one you’re not good at.

Expert Training

Some people believe lawn care is for the unskilled, but nothing could be further from the truth. Did you know many prestigious universities grant degrees in turf management? It’s true. Turf doesn’t just happen. It needs to be managed. And it needs to be managed by experienced professionals who know their stuff. You can’t just read a magazine, take a class or follow the directions on the bag of fertilizer and expect the same results you would get if you hired a turf professional.

Watch and Learn

You have invested in your lawn mower and your lawn care products, and it’s always good to keep practicing and learning. But if you want a truly lush lawn, having a service come in once or twice a month is a good idea. They can spot any trouble areas such as insect or weed infestation, evidence of moles, the proliferation of poison ivy or any other type of lawn scourge. Lawns need fertilizer as well, but every lawn is different. Figuring out what your lawn needs, choosing the right chemicals and mixing them in the right proportions is a science that takes time and experience to master.

Earthworks, the Northern Utah sprinkler and landscaping specialists, can get your lawn looking like the green at Pebble Beach. And even if your lawn doesn’t need extra TLC right now, Earthworks can take a huge chore off your hands by mowing, trimming and edging your lawn so you can get your weekends back. Contact Earthworks today to find out what type of lawn care you need.