Reliable customer service is critical in the landscaping business. Not all landscapers are licensed, depending on the scope of their work. Using a licensed contractor is important because you know that if they’ve taken the time to apply for and obtain a license, they are likely not a fly-by-night operation. But being licensed isn’t always enough to provide a positive experience for the customer.
Knowledge is Power

The cornerstone of a good, dependable landscaping business is knowledge. The type of knowledge needed in landscaping is twofold: formal education, or the study of landscape architecture, and practical knowledge, which is gained on the job. One is not as good without the other, and the right combination of the two can’t be beaten.

But running a landscape business is so much more than knowing about landscaping. It’s hiring the right people, making sure the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction and seeing the project through from beginning to end. A flawless process is always the goal, but when that doesn’t work out, the key is fixing the problem quickly and moving on.

Planning is a critical part of the landscaping process, and it involves skilled professionals sitting down with the clients to find out exactly what they want. As an experienced professional, the landscaper’s job is to explain to clients how best to achieve their dreams, even if it sometimes means altering them a bit. For instance, if you want to grow cactuses but have a lot of shade in your yard, that likely won’t work for you.

Good Business Practices

Once the planning is complete, the next stage is performing the work. It is important to employ reliable, hard-working foremen and helpers. Someone who doesn’t work well with others or who doesn’t show up every day unnecessarily lengthens a project. It’s also important to check in with the homeowner or business owner every day during the duration of the project to be certain it is progressing according to their expectations.

Adjustments are expected as the job moves forward, but as completion near one of the most crucial aspects of excellent customer service follows: client satisfaction. The customer must be happy when the project is done, or it’s a failure. A successful business is built on good references, and those can only be obtained from happy customers.

Earthworks Landscaping Services guarantees their work and provides warranties for plants and hardscapes. They understand that gardening is not easy for everyone, and they provide customer support long after their work has been done, offering advice on all aspects of continued plant care. Call Earthworks Landscaping Services today to realize your dreams of a beautifully landscaped yard, and enjoy their excellent reputation for superior customer service.