Have you had all the shoveling you can take? A snow-removal service might be just what you need especially if you have a business.

Shoveling is hard on the body and accounts for hundreds of injuries every year. Clearing snow from your sidewalks is hard enough, but add to it the chore of clearing the parking lot after every storm and the task begins to look monumental. Snow blowers are a great invention, but starting them up and operating them still takes time and effort. It’s important to have your driveway or parking lot cleared as soon after a storm as possible, in case your family or employees encounter an emergency in which they need to have access to their car.
Protect Your Assets

It’s best to contract with a snow-removal service before the winter starts, so you have the peace of mind of knowing the job is taken care of, but February isn’t too late to get help if you need it. Many people start off the winter with the intention of clearing their own walks, drives and parking areas, but the reality is that it’s not always possible. Even if you have been successfully doing it all along, if you get sick or go out of town, you need a company that can step in and take care of you’re the property.

Choose Carefully

Select a reliable, trustworthy company — preferably one with a longstanding reputation for doing good business. If you are unsure, check with the Better Business Bureau before making a commitment. Ask what levels of service each company offers. Many have winter-long contracts — see what they are offering at this point in the season. You may want to opt for on-call snow removal. You’ll pay a bit more per visit this way, but at least you know you’ll be taken care of in a big storm. Ask if the prices are different based on how much snow has fallen, and if you can select services a la carte — for instance, just driveway plowing, plowing and walk clearing or commercial property clearing. Ask if the company guarantees your service by a certain time after the snow stops falling. Check to see what kind of equipment they have and how long employees have been with them. In years with heavy snowfall, skilled plowers are often in great demand, and some companies rely on less-experienced workers to do the job.

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