Water Features

A back or front yard that incorporates water features brings not just distinction and beauty to the property, but a source of tranquility and relaxation to the homeowners.

As more and more property becomes developed, homeowners often become more removed from nature. Absence of living things, fresh air and moving water can create stress for the mind and body. Adding a water feature to your property can provide a spot for you to re-center each day and re-connect with the world outside of technology.

Earthworks Landscaping builds a wide variety of water features, including fountains, waterfalls, ponds and streams.

water features

Fountains and Waterfalls

Small yards may not have space for a large water feature, so many Syracuse, Utah, homeowners opt for small fountains. These combine the relaxing sound of moving water with the artistic design of quarried stone. While it’s true that home-improvement stores sell ready-made fountains in a box, these are not unique. If you shop in the same stores as your neighbors, you could all end up with the same fountain.

Earthworks designs a fountain for each customer. Stone comes in an almost endless variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so each fountain can be different.

A waterfall may or may not take up more space than a fountain — it depends on the homeowner’s wishes. We have constructed streams that meander from the back of a property to the front, culminating in a cascading waterfall. But we also can construct waterfalls in a designated section of your yard that take up no more room than a fountain would.

Ponds and Streams

If you have the space for a pond or stream in your yard, this is a really great way to bring nature back into the suburbs in Syracuse, Utah. Koi ponds have continued to be popular throughout the last few decades because the fish add not only life to your yard, but brilliant color as well. And while a koi pond needs proper maintenance for the fish to thrive, they are easier to care for than an indoor tank of tropical fish.

Although live fish are a great addition to a backyard pond, homeowners who don’t want the responsibility of taking care of them can opt for just plants instead. A pond with aquatic plants such as lilies can turn anyone’s backyard into a private oasis!

We can create the perfect backyard pond or stream for you so that you feel like you live out in the wooded countryside instead of the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We give you options on the color, size and shape of the stones that will line the edges of your water feature, and we show you exactly what the final design will look like. We know the best plants for our Utah climate, and you can choose your favorites.

Although some elements of building backyard ponds and streams remain constant — careful excavation, proper lining and preparation, etc. — each structure is different, because each homeowner and landscape is different.

When you choose to work with Earthworks Landscaping to create a water feature for your property, you know you will get a one-of-a-kind design.


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