Outdoor Lighting

With the right type of outdoor lighting, your property will be more secure, more beautiful and you will be able to enjoy it for many more hours per season.

The dry climate of Syracuse, Utah, means that we have many nice, clear days we can spend outside. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to extend your time outdoors past sunset?

outdoor lighting

Illuminate Your Back Yard

We can install lighting on your deck or patio area so you can curl up on the chaise with a book late into the evening, or host a party that goes well past midnight.

If you have outdoor structures like a pergola or overhang, we can put in pendant or another type of overhead lighting to brighten your seating or dining areas. If you have a deck, we can install discreet lighting under the stair risers, railings and benches so your outdoor seating area is bathed in a warm glow but is absent the harsh glare of bulbs.

Architectural and Landscape Lighting

Those Syracuse, Utah, homeowners who have invested time and money into beautiful landscaping want to show it off after dark. We design nightscapes that bring attention to gardens, trees, patios and more.

Uplighting can put your trees and bushes in the spotlight, while downlighting can illuminate the special areas you want to highlight.

Beautiful new homes are being built daily in our area and older homes are being remodeled — nightscape lighting design is the perfect way to showcase your home’s unique architecture.

But it’s not as simple as running wires through your front yard. The lights have to be positioned correctly and the beam spread has to be right width, or your warm, welcoming atmosphere could end up looking garish or even frightening.

Once your outdoor lighting system is in place, however, all you have to do is decide when you want it to go on and off. Choosing durable copper, brass or stainless-steel fixtures means your system can last as long as you live in your home.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Security

Illuminating your walkway, driveway and the front and back sides of your home not only looks elegant, it adds safety. With proper lighting, there is less chance you or any guests may trip and fall in the dark.

While you likely will not want to keep all outdoor lighting on all night, we can design a plan that includes motion-sensor lighting to keep your home better protected from potential burglars.

Today’s low-voltage lighting options are safer and more budget-friendly than previous options. And even though 12-volt lighting uses less power than 120, it still generates just as much light. You can choose to install floodlights, spotlights, lanterns or trunk wraps and make them as bright as you’d like.

Your Home as a Bright Spot

Whether you opt for path lighting, spot lighting, architectural or plant accenting, security lighting or a full lighting design plan, Earthworks can help you. Call us today to find out how we can improve the look and function of your property with outdoor lighting.

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