Landscape Design

Our professional landscape design team can turn your ordinary yard in Syracuse, Utah, into the envy of the block.

While plenty of homeowners enjoy gardening and taking care of their property, there is no substitute for professional landscape design. You may not recognize your yard after we transform it!

The best part about landscape design is that you can spend as much or as little money as you want. For instance, we can create a stunning design for you that includes new plantings, pavers, a gazebo and maybe even a water feature.

But this kind of top-of-the-line design isn’t for everyone. Homeowners with children or pets, for example, may want to retain fairly large, grassy expanses for play areas. Earthworks of Syracuse, Utah, can help with this too. We can roll out a carpet of sod so that your yard is green instantly, or we can sow the perfect mixture of seeds with no weeds so you can grow a lush, soft carpet for your loved ones to enjoy.


Landscape Design with Plants

Having a nice, green lawn doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful plantings as well, however. We work with you to find out what types of plants will work best with your lifestyle and the way you plan to use your property.

If you want your yard to look pretty but you don’t have time for a lot of maintenance, we’ll choose easy-to-care for plants like flowering shrubs and bulbs that you can put in the ground once and forget about.

For those who enjoy donning gardening gloves and a big floppy hat, we suggest showier plants that do better with a little TLC.

Each Design Is Unique

You won’t be able to drive through the Syracuse, Utah, area and easily pick out which houses Earthworks has done landscape design for, because like a portrait, every yard is different. And what makes it different is not just the size or slope or topography, but the homeowners who live there. Everyone has individual likes and dislikes, and the beauty of working with a professional landscape design team is being privy to our breadth of knowledge about the types of plants that will work best for you and your yard.

We’ll help you choose plants so your yard will look beautiful in every season. We include plants that bloom at different times in the year in each bed so that you’ll always have some color in your yard.

We also can incorporate an irrigation system into your design, so your plants and grass always get the right amount of water. Sprinkler systems and drip systems actually save water — and money — because they distribute water evenly. Few homeowners have the time to move an oscillating sprinkler all around the yard, and even then, it’s hard not to overwater some areas and underwater others. A well-designed irrigation system takes the guesswork out of watering your plants and grass.

Whatever you have in mind for your landscape design, Earthworks Landscaping of Syracuse, Utah, can help.


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