Hardscape Design

Our hardscape design services give your property an upscale look of distinction that ordinary cement or asphalt never could.

Your walkway is the path to your home — your visitors must use it to get to your front door, and looks are important. Many homeowners in the Syracuse, Utah, area have simple, straight cement pathways that can seem invisible at best, and an eyesore at worst if they are cracked or discolored.

A custom-designed walkway constructed of flagstone, pavers or bricks makes for a much more attractive, welcoming path. And it doesn’t have to be linear from the street to your front door, either. You may prefer a curved walkway, or your landscape might be such that adding some steps would help as well, not just with function, but character too.

hardscape design

Retaining Walls

If you have sharp or steep slopes in the front or back yard, you may need a retaining wall installed. While some homeowners believe a steep slope makes their property less attractive, a retaining wall can change all that.

While commercial retaining walls may not be much to look at, the stone retaining walls we build are no less than a thing of beauty. Whether you decide on a terraced design, rounded, flat or stepped, your new retaining wall will vastly improve the look of your property.

A retaining wall improves function as well, since homeowners can use the leveled areas for plantings, seating areas, grass expanses and more.

Patios and Terraces

Terraces and patios are also popular hardscape design features we frequently create for Syracuse, Utah-area residents. Many homeowners enjoy sitting outside during the spring and summer seasons. Everyone would like the perfect spot to relax, and that’s just what a patio and terrace can deliver.

Patio and terrace design offer almost innumerable options. You can go with a tiny 8-by-10 spot with a little bistro set for romantic dinners, or you could construct a wide expanse for entertaining groups.


Adding a pergola defines the space and gives your patio a whole different look. A pergola provides a measure of shade from the hot Syracuse, Utah, sun without blocking out all the light like a canopy would. You could also plant hydrangeas, wisteria or honeysuckle vines that will climb up to the pergola’s roof as they grow, providing extra beauty and a heavenly scent.

Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit gives you an extra couple of months’ use that you otherwise wouldn’t get because it would be too cold. Fire pits are great because although they are uncomplicated structures, they make a big difference in how you are able to use your property.

Fire pits are simple, stone, round structures — some are square or oblong — that provide a safe spot for fiery warmth. You can locate them in the center of your patio and make it your focal piece, or you can build it off to the side if you want your dining area to take center stage.

Because hardscape design features are built with stone or brick, they bring a natural feel to your landscape along with a lasting beauty. Call us today and find out what a hardscape design can bring to your property.


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