Earthworks Guarantee

Excellent service is a hallmark of our business. We value you as a client and realize that your satisfaction is crucial to earning your future business and your referrals. An important part of establishing long-term relationships with our clients begins with good communications, so please allow us to explain some special circumstances of doing business in the green industry.
Plants are living and require maintenance and care to a varying degree.

Once we have installed your landscape, you will have responsibility for the continued health and vigor of the plants. Maintaining your new landscape is not difficult. Upon completion of your project we will give you general plant care and watering instructions. Simply refer to our tips and if you have any questions please call.

Equally important, please call us immediately upon observing symptoms of plant decline, including wilting, leaf or needle drop, discoloration of leaves or woody stems, insect infestation, etc. This allows us to quickly determine possible causes of plant stress and recommend solutions.

Landscaping Warranty

All materials are guaranteed for a period of 90 days from the date of installation. Acts of God, neglect, improper use, or vandalism are not covered by this warranty. Please contact us if you have any questions about care and maintenance of your landscaping.


Earthworks Landscaping guarantees for one year from the date of installation that pavers/flagstone will not chip or crack and the surface shall be true to grade.


A one year limited warranty is provided for all woody plants (trees and shrubs, no perennials). Reasonable growing conditions must be maintained as a provision of the warranty; including: proper irrigation, insect control, winter protection, and shelter from unreasonable damage by pets or pedestrians.

Extended warranty and/or maintenance schedule only as determined by contract.

What is not included in our warranty:

  • Perennials
  • Replacement of plants that are damaged as a result of insects or disease.
  • Replacement of plants that are over or under watered, over fertilization, or damage from chemical applications.
  • Any settling in landscapes
  • Due to shallow root systems and/or susceptibility to moisture and temperature extremes, certain plant materials are not under warranty. This includes annuals, groundcovers, lawn seed, and sod.

Invoice must be paid according to terms or warranty will be void.

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